The agreement for the web services described below is for a period of 12 months beginning on the date agreed upon by the parties according to the terms and conditions listed below.
    The first monthly payment is due by credit card on the date agreed upon by the parties and consecutively on the same day of each of the following months throughout the duration of the contract and its renewals if any.
    Local Map is a solution that enhances the client’s reputation and visibility, which is primarily based on the quality of the client’s use of the tool.
    The guarantee states that IF the customer uses the tool properly* Local Map guarantees that the customer will be ranked in the section below the Google search results map for their primary field of business within 90 days. Failure to do so may result in the Client terminating this Agreement notwithstanding the provisions of Section 4 of this Agreement.
  4. * as required: Customer shall, within a reasonable period of time, designate Local Map as the Administrator/Owner of its Google listing in order to proceed with the optimization of the listing. In addition, the client shall use the tool to send notification requests to its customers on a regular and consistent basis.
    The contract is for a period of twelve (12) months beginning at the signing of this contract. At the end of the term, this contract will be automatically renewed at the monthly rate corresponding to the level reached during the contract and this, for subsequent periods of 12 months unless one of the parties gives the other party in writing (email at info@avislocal.com or registered mail at 797 Boulevard Lebourgneuf suite 317, Quebec, QC G2J 0B5) a notice of non-renewal at least 30 days before the end of the initial term or any subsequent renewal of this contract.
  6. Customer may terminate this Agreement at any time. Customer shall pay Local Map fifty percent (50%) of the applicable monthly installments for each month remaining in the current term of this Agreement.
  7. In the event of non-renewal or termination, it is understood that Customer will lose all access to the Local Map platform, which remains the sole property of Local Map.
    Customer acknowledges that for the purpose of promoting its services, Local Map may disclose data, including statistics, performance estimates and other types of information, that illustrate the performance of certain Local Map customers. Local Map represents that such data is accurate to the best of its knowledge and that it has been obtained from reliable and independent sources. The customer also acknowledges that this data is provided for informational purposes only and, therefore, that the customer’s results may differ.
    The Customer agrees to hold Local Map harmless from any and all damages or claims arising directly or indirectly from Local Map’s performance of this Agreement.
  10. The client is advised:
    – that the opinion issued by the attorney consulted by Local Map is not binding on the courts and that no warranty is made by Local Map or such attorney as to the interpretation that the courts will give to the regulatory provisions discussed in this opinion.
    – that the distribution of this opinion does not constitute or create any professional relationship between this attorney and the Client.
    – that the Client is advised to obtain the advice of his or her own attorney before making any decision or taking any action that may have legal implications.
    The customer agrees to provide all information required and necessary for Local Map to properly perform its services.
    The client warrants that it holds all permits and licenses that may be advertised. The client guarantees that he/she holds all rights to use the trademarks or trade names contained in his/her Google listing and that such use does not contravene any law.
    Local Map may assign this Agreement or any of its obligations and any payments due thereunder to a third party without the prior written consent of the Customer.